Natural beauty of hair

TM PROSALON is one of the most famous Polish trading companies in the hairdressing industry.

Created exclusively as a professional product for hair care, as well as for coloring and styling based on its own original recipes. Many years of experience, a research laboratory, modern trichological equipment – all this helps specialists in creating the best formulas for hair care.

Prosalon Professional Color Art is a line of professional hair dyes, which consists of popular shades, auxiliary means “before” and “after” dyeing.

The modern formula of the paint contributes to the fact that the hair receives care during the coloring process. Thanks to the use of innovative components in the dye formulation, the hair and scalp are protected from irritations that occur during the dyeing process.


The Intensis line was created for specialized professional care for different types of hair:
– Intensive Care – for dry and brittle hair;
– Volume – for volume;
– Color – care for dyed hair;
– Moisture – for moisturizing.

Specialists created the Agran Oil line for youth and vital energy. The formula of the products of this line is based on argan oil and milk proteins. The components create a protective film on the curls, making the hair smooth and easier to comb. As a result of regular use, the hair is restored, filled with vital energy, acquires silkiness, stunning smoothness and shine.

The brand’s assortment also includes BIOTIC trichological products against hair loss. The innovative protein complex affects the key parameters of hair strength, the stability of the cuticle layer; has a regenerating effect; increases the vitamin content of hair follicles.

Therapy line – procedural care for professionals. Sets of products for effective, advanced and innovative treatments for damaged and porous hair. Botox Therapy is an antiaging procedure based on hyaluronic acid and ceravis. Protein Therapy – products for dry and damaged hair containing silk proteins and keratin hydrolyzate.

The products of the basic hair care series from PROSALON are a complete range for professional hair care of any type, which is constantly developing and updated with new recipes, revolutionary formulas and ingredients.

  • PEPTIDES & BIOTIN — for thin and prone to hair loss.
  • AMINO ACIDS & NIACINAMIDE — for colored and weak hair.
  • SEA MINERALS — for thin hair prone to oiliness.
  • ALOE & POMEGRANATE – dry, weak and brittle hair.
  • RICE & TSUBAKI OIL – dry, thin and curly hair.
  • ARGAN OIL – for damaged, dull and cruel hair.
  • MILK & HONEY – for all types of hair, especially damaged after hairdressing procedures.
  • COCONUT – for all types of hair, especially damaged and hard.
  • VANILLA – for dry and brittle hair damaged by chemical procedures.
  • COOL BLONDE – for light, bleached and gray hair.
  • CERAMIDE FORCE — for damaged hair and hair with high porosity.

Prosalon Professional’s arsenal of styling tools allows the master to visually change the volume, tame unruly curls, and make the hairstyle truly perfect.

Specialists of the PROSALON company are constantly working to improve the brand, release new products, and also offer training for masters at the Prosalon Professional Polish Hairdressing Academy.