Made in Italy

360 Hair Professional is an Italian brand of professional hair cosmetics, developed on the basis of innovations and advanced formulas of the beauty industry. Combines high-quality ingredients with technology and research resulting in effective products with enchanting aromas and wonderful textures.

All 360 products are made with carefully selected and natural ingredients that provide many benefits and excellent performance. The use of natural active components provides thorough cleaning, moisturizing and nutrition. Vitamins, amino acids, plant extracts and oils in the composition of the products activate the protective functions of cells, have a soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory and tonic effect, maintain water balance.

Three main areas of production: color, care and styling.

Color is a coloring system that guarantees maximum coverage of gray hair and shine, offering a wide palette of colors. A large assortment of intense and glamorous dyes, with more than 80 shades and a rich selection of toners that do not contain ammonia, allows you to create brilliant and persistent colors.

Styling – universal and unique formulas for the ideal result of styling and hairstyle. This line is suitable for modeling, sculpting, shaping and maintaining any look.

360 CARE

All products of the care series are created exclusively for harmonious interaction with Color series dyes. Thanks to this, you can achieve the best results in the appearance and condition of the hair.

Care – care products created to ensure health, strength, shine and beauty of hair. A full range of professional products for all hair types:
Daily – for daily care;
Be Color – to protect the color of dyed hair;
Be Curl – to tame curly curls;
Be Liss – for smoothing unruly hair;
Be Fill – for nourishment and restoration;
Be Silver – care for blondes;
Be Cool – an additional line for blond based on charcoal;
Be Volume – for adding volume to thin hair;
Quick Treat – fast-acting care for all hair types.