Made in Italy

Kaaral – an Italian brand whose core values ​​are passion, love, lust for beauty and family. A team of hair care professionals develop products based on advanced formulas, customer loyalty and attention to the smallest details. Today, this brand is known all over the world: Europe, Great Britain, North America, Asia, United Arab Emirates.

BACÒ – a professional dyeing system that meets all the needs of hairdressers. A wide range of shades, effective formulas with simultaneous care, which allow you to achieve the brightness of the color and the natural beauty of the hair.
Baco Color Collection is a permanent dye with hydrolyzates of silk. Deep penetration of the concentrated micro-pigment complex allows you to get the most stable and saturated colors. Silk and rice proteins preserve the integrity of the hair, leaving it perfectly healthy and well-groomed.
Baco Soft Color is a soft dye with aloe vera and coconut oil. Suitable for fine hair and sensitive scalp.
Baco Color Splash is a semi-permanent direct dye for obtaining bright fashionable shades and expressive effects on pre-lightened hair. Cream texture with direct action pigments, enriched with quinoa and macadamia oil for an amazing coloring result.
Baco Color Glaze is a semi-permanent coloring system in the form of a gel with an acidic pH. Tones and neutralizes unwanted tones thanks to its diverse palette of shades.
Baco Colorefresh – unsurpassed shade conditioners for strengthening, restoring, renewing and toning hair color.
Baco Plex is a two-step system for hair protection at all stages of dyeing and other chemical procedures.
Baco Color Care – professional hair care products immediately after hairdressing procedures (dyeing, bleaching, etc.).

Blonde Elevation is a full range of professional hair bleaching/brightening products (creams, lightening powders), as well as care products for bleached, bleached, highlighted and gray hair.

The products of the series are enriched with active ingredients (grape extract, purple pigment, charcoal) that intensively moisturize hair and neutralize unwanted yellow, red or orange shades on light hair.

K05 is an innovative trichological series for solving scalp and hair problems. The products of this line, enriched with a large number of extracts of natural medicinal herbs, provitamin B5, guarantee maximum protection and effective therapy of the head and hair. Therapies: against hair loss, against dry dandruff, against oily dandruff.

PURIFY is a care line that takes care of different types of hair:
Sole – recovery after the sun;
Complementary – hair reconstruction with the help of provitamins and natural oils;
Filler – reconstruction, filling and protection of hair based on hyaluronic acid and keratin;
Colore – products to preserve the brightness of the color of dyed hair;
Volume – products for maintaining hair volume;
Hydra – moisturizing and maintaining an optimal level of hydration;
Energy – daily cleansing and maintenance of balanced pH;
Reale – intensive hair nourishment with royal jelly;
Clarifying – deep cleansing.
Natural components, intoxicating scents and modern design – ideal care from PURIFY.

The exclusive men’s line Människan is the discovery of a new sense of freedom for a strong article. A professional line created specifically for self-care, dedicated to a charismatic man with a bright personality.
Creativity, commitment to care, maximum attention to detail and Italian elegance make this range exclusive. Research and development based on the experiences of men and their care needs. A complete range for every aspect of your daily body, beard and hair care ritual. All Människan products are characterized by unique designer packaging and contain professional formulas that guarantee absolute effectiveness.

Maraes is a series containing a wide range of premium products and treatments. The key ingredient is certified organic Monoi de Tahiti oil, obtained by the “enfleurage” method of coconut oil and Tiare flowers. It has a moisturizing, smoothing and protective effect and has a unique delicate aroma. In combination with natural antioxidants, the products have a gentle effect on the hair, which makes the process of dyeing and care really pleasant.

Maraes color is the world’s first coloring spa treatment. Innovative permanent hair coloring system without PPD, gluten, parabens and SLES. The enriched formula nourishes the hair, sealing it from the inside. The soft texture of the coloring cream makes it easier to apply the paint, and the special emollients help better penetration of the pigments into the hair cuticle.

Daily beauty rituals and endless gentle care to restore energy and vitality are represented by Maraes products:
Color Care – care for dyed hair. Protects against aggressive factors of the environment and nature, helping to prolong the brightness of dyed hair.
Renew Care – restorative care for damaged and dull hair prone to stress.
Curly Care – care for curly hair, gives volume and revitalizes curls in a natural way.
Liss Care – care for straight or unruly hair that is difficult to style. Controls frizz, smooths and protects hair, straightening it and giving it a silky look.

Style Perfetto is a line for styling. Professional modern means for styling and protecting hair, developed taking into account the latest fashion trends on the basis of innovative ingredients. They help implement both everyday hair styling options and the most daring and incredible ideas. Emphasis on curls, voluminous finish, creative image, smoothness – a large selection of options for creating a shape and modeling a hairstyle.