Mirella Professional is a brand of professional cosmetics and hair dyes. The products are developed specifically for Slavic hair types and are created by leading Italian technologists based on the latest innovative developments.

In the Mirella Professional assortment, you will find the entire range of products for home and salon use, designed for versatile and comprehensive hair care: from dyes, hair care products according to structure and condition, to styling products.

The brand’s products are divided into several categories. Each of them has its own characteristics and purpose:

Coloration – everything you need for professional coloring: permanent dye, universal oxidizers, powders, creams. Coloring products from Mirella Professional will allow you to easily, quickly and safely lighten, tint or dye your hair in the desired color thanks to a wide palette of tones, as well as protective components that at the same time provide hair with soft care.

Tecnico is a series for salon use, which combines technical means of limited functionality, which are necessary for the master to prepare hair for hairdressing procedures and for their correct completion.

Your BLONDesty – blonde hair care. A series for gray, bleached and discolored hair that enhances beautiful shades of blonde and neutralizes unwanted ones, helping to solve the problems of dullness and persistence of color, yellowing of hair.

Hair Factor is a professional line of hair care products that takes into account all the needs of the hairdresser, as well as the characteristics of each hair type. The products are suitable for frequent use, enriched with active components that regenerate, restore, protect and comprehensively care for the hair. This series is recommended both for salon use and for maintaining the effect at home.

Beeform is a deeply restorative series based on royal jelly and wheat proteins. The products restore the structure of the hair, improve its condition, provide deep moisture, softness and shine.

Keratin is a series of products that help to restore and maintain the balance of keratin inside the hair. These products strengthen the hair shaft, saturate the hair with keratin, providing it with health and protection from the effects of external negative factors.

Style – modern styling tools for salon masters and for home use. These products protect hair from the effects of hot appliances and help create any look, style or hairstyle for different hair types.