The tools used by professionals must be of superior quality. In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding hairstylists, the PROSALON Professional line of cosmetics for coloring, hair care and styling was created. They are high quality Polish, professional hair cosmetics which were created out of love for hairdressing and innovation.
The Prosalon brand offers a wide range of products for coloring, styling and hair care, including:

  • Intensis Color Art – hair dyes in a wide range of colors, more than 100 shades,
  • several lines of hair care, including : Intensis (Color, Moisture, Volume, Curly hair), Prosalon Argan, Prosalon Sebum Control, shampoo and mask lines: Milk and honey Coconut and Vanilla
  • hair styling range of products
  • Prosalon Colorpeel  – discoloration of hair
  • perm lotion
  • hair brighteners

The Prosalon Brand primarily includes high quality cosmetics. Their production uses innovative ingredients, and its attention to every detail makes it the strongest Polish brand in the hairdressing industry.